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Dog Toy Push Ball Toy Leakage Food Toy Tooth Cleaning Toothbrush Toy

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Dog Toy Push Ball Toy Leakage Food Toy Tooth Cleaning Toothbrush Toy

✓ 360° chewable TPR material can effectively clean dog teeth. The double-layered tooth ridge can effectively remove the dog's calculus, tartar, and bad breath, and keep the dog's mouth healthy.

✓ Upgraded suction cups have greater suction power and are no longer as easy to pull off as similar products. A strong and powerful suction cup will not allow the dog to pull it away easily, which will make the dog more interested and increase the dog's IQ.

✓ The rope uses the same material as body armor. The balls and suction cups are made of approved food-grade bite-resistant TPR materials. Compared with similar products on the market, its advantages are better bite resistance and chewability, higher quality, and longer service life.

✓ The squeak toys with functions of cleaning teeth, grinding teeth, interactive tug of war, and automatic food distribution. Long-term use can effectively improve the dog's IQ and agility. It can make the dog no longer worry about boredom, and successfully attracts the dog's attention without damaging the furniture.

✓ 100% Brand New, 100% Great Quality, 100% Money-Back Service, add to cart in confidence. If you any problems with the item, please contact the Customer Service Team directly.

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