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3 Pack Fluffy Interactive Cat Ball Toys Chirping Balls

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Chirping Balls


3 vibrant colors and 3 different animal chirping sounds, irresistible for cats;
The sounds are loud enough to attract cat’s attention and quiet enough not to scare cats;
Simply give the balls to your cat and you are good to go. The cat toys stimulate your cat’s instinct to hunt, reduce obesity, boredom, and depression with increased exercise;
Made of soft and safe EVA materials; The cat toys endure aggressive wrestle, bite, and kick.

Get the cat toys now and your cats won’t be disappointed.

  • Cats Go Nuts – Make play fantastic with the 3 fluffy plush ball toys. The cat toys make lifelike animal chirping sounds once playtime begins, beckoning every bat, bite, chew, and chase! The 3 animal sounds are a frog, cricket, and birds chirping respectively. The balls keep quiet when left alone to save battery power
  • Built to Last – Pets are famously cute AND messy. Luckily, the 3 cat toy balls are made from durable and highly resilient EVA materials which endure each aggressive wrestle; Plus, plush materials are soft and safe for cats. And the built-in batteries make each cat toy ball last 10,000 times of chirping
  • Catnip Included – The bonus fresh catnip pouch could be a great addition to making your cat's playtime fun. Simply remove the lid and put in some catnip, cats will go crazy for it
  • Cozy Companion – Fix your fur baby’s blues with the 3 ball toys! Soft and interactive, your catnip toy keeps your cat active and occupied even when their favorite human’s engaged or away
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – We stand behind each product we sell. If you have any problem with the balls after receiving your order, please contact us and we will either issue refund or send a new replacement. Rest assured with your purchase
Chirping Balls

Interactive Fun for Your Furry Friend

  • 3 Realistic Fluffy Plush Animal Chirping Sounds (bird, frog, and cricket) prove to be appealing for cats
  • Touch activated chirping sounds easily engage cats in hours of interactive fun & play
  • Made from durable materials and the built-in batteries in each ball sustain more than 10,000 times of chirping
  • Just add some catnip powder off of the included catnip pouch to further attract your cats to play with the balls

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