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Interactive Dog Soccer Ball Toy with Durable Grab Tabs

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Interactive Dog Soccer Ball Toy with Durable Grab Tabs

Multifunctional Outdoor Dog Toy

This is a multifunctional interactive toy for owners and pets. Integrate the fly bounce ball, interactive training ball, chew toy, war strip toy, outdoor sports, entertainment, and other functions. It can be used for dogs to bring multi-play fun. Bounce ball to fly: The toy can be squashed from a ball to become a fly ball, drop the toy, and the ball will fly into a sphere when it lands. This product is easy to throw away, tall and stable. The interaction between the owner and the dog can better vent the dog's energy and release the dog's mental pressure. Interactive Training Ball - There are multiple strings of pure cotton on the side of the toy. Parents can throw the toy or scoop out the ball and let the dog catch it. You can interact and play with the dog outside to improve the relationship between the owner and the dog. The owner and the dog hold one end of the braided rope, which can be used as a tug of war toy.

Many dogs can play together

Chasing each other toys can stimulate the dog's desire to win and lose, let the dog fall in love with this toy. Regular use of this toy can also improve the dog's intelligence and reduce their daily anxiety, can better vent the dog's energy, release the dog's mental stress.

Easy to use & Easy to carry

Toys can be directly for dogs to play, the product is made of healthy and environmentally friendly PP+ABS material, strong and resistant to bite, can be used for dogs to play outdoors for a long time, enhance the physical strength of dogs. After use, press it by hand and put it directly into the bag, saving space and making it more convenient to carry. Due to the toy's high sensitivity rebound device, it is recommended to use other ropes to fix the two cotton dog bite ropes opposite to each other when flattening the toy to prevent it from bouncing back into a ball.

Rebound Frisbee Ball

The toy can be squashed from a ball to a frisbee. Throw out the toy and the toy can bounce back into a sphere by itself during the flight. This product is easy to throw. farther and higher, and the flight is more stable. Allowing the dog to hold back the frisbee ball thrown by the owner can increase the dog's physical strength and make the dog healthier.

Interactive training ball

The owner can throw the toy with his hands, or kick the ball out with his feet, and let the dog catch it back. It can also be used as a water interactive toy when the dog is swimming outdoors to enhance the relationship between the owner and the dog.

Chew ball toy

There are many cotton dog chew ropes around the toy, which can not only stimulate the dog's interest in biting the toy, but also effectively remove the tartar, rice residue, or dirt on the dog's teeth, and protect the dog's teeth and oral health. The owner and the dog each hold one end of the nylon braided rope, which can be used as a tug-of-war toy. It can not only enhance the tacit understanding between the owner and the dog but also improve the dog's physical fitness.


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