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Quiet Automatic Electronic Water Fountain For Cat And Dog Swan Pet Drinking Fountain Water Dispenser

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Give Your Cat That Constant Stream Of Water They Always Want

Does your cat hate drinking out of a normal water bowl? keeping your Kitty happy and hydrated all day long with our Cat Drinking Water Fountain Bowl! Cats naturally prefer to drink flowing water over a traditional water bowl, take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and try our Cat Drinking Fountain today!


  • No more Sink Sipping:¬†Keep your cat hydrated without the constant meowing for you to turn the sink on, ¬†
  • Veterinarian Recommended:¬†Cats chose not to drink water when they don't have access to flowing water, our Cat Drinking Fountain is recommended by the vets to keep cats healthy. ¬†
  • No More Dehydration:¬†Dehydrated cats can get angry and vicious, keep your cat happy and healthy!
  • Reduce Strain:¬†Bending down to drink from a traditional bowl can cause back and neck strain in old and young cats.
  • East to wash:¬†Easily remove the pump and throw them in the dishwasher or hand wash for a perfect clean.

Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 2.34L
  • 12V water pump
  • Power Supply: USB port
  • Size: 12.99in x 8.66in x 10.63in¬†

Package Content

1x Water Fountain

1x Filter 

1x Instruction Manual 

1x Water Pump

1x Stopper 

1x Plug

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