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Is Your House Ready for a New Kitten?

  • Move or Hide Breakables: Make sure to stow any breakable and sentimental items far away from the edges of tables and shelves – even those behind closed doors.
  • Protect Cords: You’ll want to secure any cords to electronics, as well as loose, dangling cords, such as on your blinds. These are pure temptations to playful kittens. Try bundling cords together with zip ties or electrical tape, and put your phone charger away in a drawer where your kitten won’t be able to chew on it.
  • Keep Multiple Litter Boxes: In the wild, cats are very keen on marking their territory. Though it might not seem the most pleasant, you should have at least two litter boxes for your new kitten – placed in areas of your home where you spend the most time – so your furry friend isn’t tempted to mark their territory outside of the box.
  • Keep Them Off Your Counters: Though not quite the agile jumpers that their elders are, kittens can still manage to get to all sorts of places. Try covering placemats in double-sided tape and laying them on your counters and dining table. When your kitten feels the sticky surface, it will hopefully dissuade them from jumping back up a second time.
  • Protect the Food: Keep cat food in a secure location. Your kitten will easily be able to claw through the paper bag to feast. Try pouring kitten food into a sealable plastic or metal bin and keeping it in a closed cabinet or pantry.

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