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Calming Wrap Shirt for Cats

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Shirt Calming Wrap for Cats

Made specifically for cats, a Shirt is a calming wrap that helps to comfort and calm cats when they are experiencing anxiety. Taking the "PET" out of petrified, a Shirt can help to calm during storms, fireworks, vet visits, travel, separation anxiety, or even day-to-day activities, like vacuuming. This patented design is vet recommended and proven to have an 80%+ success rate in effectively calming your cat. By applying consistent, gentle pressure, similar to swaddling an infant, the cat feels comforted, and secure.

Our furry friends can be very vocal at times (especially at night) and users have seen great success in the Shirt reducing the loud meowing in cats.

The Shirt is perfect for at-home use, or if you are on the go traveling or going to the vet. Overall the Shirt is an excellent solution to help your cat with their anxiety and travel needs!

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