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Getting a New Kitten?

Feeding and Nutrition

  • Kitten Formula Food: During the first year of their life, your kitten will be in a rapid-growth phase. To ensure they’re getting the proper nutrients and energy for growth and development, choose a specially formulated kitten food. A balanced diet is one of the best ways to start your new family member off on the right paw.
  • Food & Water Bowls: Choose wide, shallow bowls for your kitten to prevent putting stress on their whiskers. Glass or lead-free ceramic bowls are best because they are easy to clean and won’t rust.

Comfort and Care

  • Cozy Bed: Most kittens are adopted between seven- and eight-weeks old. During the first two months of their lives, they’re constantly surrounded by their littermates and mothers. Now separated from their family, your kitten will need a warm, safe place to rest. A bed with sides, and even a roof, will help them feel protected.
  • Litter Box and Litter: Kittens are fast learners when it comes to potty training. Find a litter box with low enough sides so that your cat can easily climb in. Boxes with covers and higher openings can be difficult for a small, clumsy kitten to get into, leading to accidents.
  • Cat Carrier:A cat carrier is necessary to keep your kitten safe while being transported home and also to the vet. Choose a cat carrier that will be able to accommodate a full-grown cat, and put something soft and cuddly inside for their journey.

Extras and Fun

  • Toys: Cats are curious by nature, so keep a few toys on hand when you get home. Try toys that crinkle or jingle to keep their attention.
  • Cleaning Supplies: As with bringing any new pet home, accidents are going to happen. Be sure to stock up on kitten essentials, such as paper towels, disinfectant and odor-removing cleaners.
  • Collar and Tags: Even if your kitten will remain an indoor cat, a collar and tags will help them find their way home if they ever get out of the house.

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