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Singing Sparrow Shaped Bird Cat Toy

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Pets, especially cats are naturally attracted to any visitors, they could be so chill and act like they don't care about anything in the house, but not these squeaky birdy visitors, insects, or fluffy toys that sing. All melodies built into each toy are simulated by our artists for our furry friends, to catch their attention, to bring excitement to their indoor time. Never bored when they are guarding our property. Over 8,000 singing times, lasts about 3-5 months depending on the frequency it's used. The battery is not rechargeable. We want to make sure that our furry friends won't eat it by accent.


1. Material: The innovative sparrow-shaped cat toy is made of flannel and electronic components, with good quality, materials, and production process in line with European and American environmental quality standards and safety requirements.

2. Unique design: Sparrow-shaped cat toy is designed to meet the nature of your cat hunting.

3. Simple use: Remove the plastic piece to activate the kitten toy and throw the toy to the ground, then the cute animal makes a realistic bird call.

4. Function: The toy interaction will only beep when touched. For those who like hunting, this toy is very popular. They will feel like they caught a real bird

5. Size: About 14.5x7x5.5cm, while playing while supervising your pet. If the toy is damaged, broken, or broken, take it away as this may cause harm


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