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Eco-friendly Durable Dog Bone For Aggressive Chewers - Beef Flavored

$39.99 $79.99
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  • Ā DOG CHEW TOYS:Ā Made of natural nylon, without BPA and phthalates, safe, non-toxic, during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar

  • Ā MADE DURABLE:Ā Built to withstand hours of playtime, tough and durable. Durable chew toys that discourage destructive chewing .promotes dog dental health

  • DELICIOUS BEEF-FLAVORED:Ā We increased the cowhide content, Features a tempting beef scent to peak your dog's interest, and deliver chewing satisfaction. our dog must love it!

  • Ā BONE-SHAPED DESIGN:Ā Real-looking bone shape makes it easy for your pet to recognize, creates a positive association with toys for dogs, and reduces their anxiety and boredom. fun and engaging design - created with four chewing ends that make it easy for dogs to hold and chew

Measurement In CM
Ā  Length Width
S 10 4.5
M 14 6
Measurement In Inch
Ā  Length Width
S 3.9 1.8
M 5.5 2.4



What Our Dog BoneĀ Toy Can Help?

Release the Natural of Bite / Clearer teeth / Healthier Oral Cavity / Reduce the Cost of / Dental Bills

Safety / Oral Health / Ground Structure / Compressed beef / Bite resistantĀ 

  • Wear-resistant nylon material

  • The sturdy nylon materialĀ has to be bitten constantly.

  • The wear resistance can grind teeth well.

  • The rounded design will not damage the dog's gums

  • The shape of the bone is More attractive to dogs

  • Never fade and taste

  • More attractive to dogsĀ 

  • 360-degree off-ground structure

More Attraction by High- contrast - Mixed Colors in Dogs' Color-Blindness Eyes

Different colors and textures are more attractive easier to be recognized by dogs

Solve the problem of Uncontrollable Bite Nature & Destroying

More Enjoyable & Harmony Time

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