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Pack of 2 Dog Training Door Bells Premium Quality

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Pack of 2 Dog Training Door Bells Premium Quality

🔔2 PACK DOG DOORBELLS - Tired of cheap imitation bells that cannot withstand the urge and pull of your dog? Pumpkin specializes in Dog care products and is known for its unbeatable quality. Dog Training Bells are one of the easy and non-confrontational solutions to toilet train a family’s best friend. Using dog bells has is proven to be an easier, fun, and win-win way for your dog to communicate Instead of barking.
🔔 3 LEVEL ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - This upgraded design provides you 3 levels of length adjustments compared to common two-length bells. This allows for easy adjustment of the length to the bottom of the door or wall based on the size of your dog or the height of your door. design is easily mounted and can be hung at any level to accommodate pups of all heights.
🔔QUALITY BELLS - Large, thick-walled jingle bells are made from durable metals that offer superior sound quality.High quality and nice sounding bells 7 Big Extra Loud Bells yet easy on your ears to attend to your pet's nature call wherever you are in the house. The tasteful design of silver coating of bells keeps them shiny and jingle sounds are easy on your ears from the playful dogs.
🔔DURABILITY: This Dog Training Bells and its belts are custom-made and tested thoroughly for their ruggedness. The belt is made from heavy-duty nylon material that lasts longer than other cheaply made alternatives. It easily hangs around any doorknob with a loop that snaps into place with a reinforced rivet, and the nylon ribbon is both attractive and durable? standing up to tugs, scratches, and bites.
🔔FREE Gift - To appreciate your purchase, we are offering a dog whistle FREE along with this product. Hope you like it. But please remember, your fullest satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not happy with the purchase for any reason, do let us know. We refund or offer an exchange to ensure you become part of the BestBuddy family.

    dog doorbell
    dog doorbell


    STEPS 1. Introduce the bell to the dog. Let them feel it by sniffing it. let them hear the sound of the bell. Encourage its interest by giving her treats and show her appreciation that it knows you use only when she does a good job (like good girl, my man.. good job, etc.)

    STEPS 2. The second stage is to get your dog to ring the bell. For this, you can take the bell outside and show yourself how to ring the bell. You can use a family environment she is comfortable with. Every time it rings the bell give her a treat. Few dogs do better with a lot of attention they get distracted. So please chose the setup based on your dog’s nature.

    STEPS 3. Now place the bell where you intend to place it. Like hanging it to your backside door where you normally let the dog out. Ensure the bell is firmly attached so that it doesn’t fall out by a simple tug/pull which might scare them. Again positively reinforce your appreciation with treats and words when they ring, do open the door and give her a treat when it goes out the door.

    STEPS 4. It is time to make it a habit. If you used to let your dog go outside once you are up to let it potty/pee, use the same setup but this time make your dog ring the bell. Reward once it rings the bell and steps outside. Keep repeating this process until it becomes natural for the dog to ringing the bell is the natural way to ask to be let out.

    Other tips:

    Do this before your dog has breakfast so he is more food motivated. We strongly recommend patience and continuous positive reinforcement throughout. Dogs that love the outdoors may take to the training faster. Consistency also plays a key role during initial days like, not letting your dog follow you outside without ringing the bell or giving treats when it doesn’t complete its part of the bargain.

    dog doorbell


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