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Toofers - 360º Dog Fingerbrush Toothbrush - Ergonomic Design, Set of 2

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About this item

  • 360º DESIGN - Patent-pending design allows easy cleaning of the entire mouth with just a few swipes. Pet owners can finally provide thorough teeth cleaning for their dogs or cats with ease.
  • USE ON LARGE & SMALLER PETS - Compact design works well on smaller dogs, cats, and puppies. Also works great for larger dogs as long as your finger can reach their teeth. Note: it may do not work as well on extremely small pets, such as toy breeds.
  • FITS THIN & THICKER FINGERS - JUST ADD WATER! - Adding a few drops of water inside makes the silicone expand for larger fingers, and creates a seal for smaller fingers - no more slipping off in your pet's mouth!
  • SOFT AND GENTLE FOR SENSITIVE PETS- Silicone bristles are softer than traditional bristles but abrasive enough to remove plaque. The gentle nature of finger brushes tends to be more accepted by pets.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE - 100% Silicone is BPA and Phthalate-free.
  • 6-MONTH+ SUPPLY - Two-finger brushes + cases included for 6-12 months brushing (depending on usage).
  • AMERICAN COMPANY - This is an American brand based in California. Unlike foreign knock-offs, proceeds from our products go back into the U.S. economy.

Finger brushes vs. Traditional Handle Brushes

Many pets are put off when their owners try to stick a long, foreign object in their mouths to brush their teeth. Dogs and cats are often more embracing of their owner's fingers, so finger brushes like ours are often the dental instrument of choice for vets and pet owners. 

360° Fingerbrush vs. Other Fingerbrushes

The most ergonomic finger toothbrush on the market, our 360° bristle design allows pet parents to brush and massage their pets' teeth with ease and comfort. Other finger brushes have bristles only on one side, making it hard to brush our pets' teeth, especially if they move around. Fully-surround bristles enable pet parents to brush quickly and successfully from any angle.

Safe for Pets

Silicone is in many ways a wonder material. Its softness and flexibility enable a comfortable fit for humans, while gentle for dogs and cats. It's also an inert, chemically stable substance that is indigestible, making it non-toxic. 


Our silicone finger toothbrushes each come with a case to keep it covered, and can be boiled for complete sterilization (it can withstand a temperature of up to 400° F, and the boiling point of water is 212° F, so boil away). 

How to Use

Add a dime-sized amount of pet toothpaste (NEVER human toothpaste) to the finger brush. For pets that are new to brushing, allow them to first smell the toothpaste, then allow them to lick it. Slowly begin to brush their teeth in a circular motion. It may take a few days for pets to become accustomed to brushing. Don't give up - a little bit of progress each day is all you need!

Customer questions & answers

I have a small dog and my fingers are very small. Do you have different sizes? 
We only have one size. The silicone is designed to stretch and seal for a custom fit once you had a couple of drops of water on the inside. But it might be a tad large for very small or thin fingers. But - feel free to return at no cost if it doesn't fit. There's no risk, so might be best to give it a shot.
Is this as effective in cleaning as a bristle brush?
That's a good question, and it depends on various factors. A traditional bristle brush has harder bristles and is more abrasive, and maybe more effective if your pet has lots of plaque buildup. The downside is that many pets don't like the invasive nature of a traditional brush, and shy away from it. It's also less ergonomic and harder to reach all the teeth. Silicone finger toothbrushes like ours are less abrasive and work great for most dogs to clean and prevent the build-up of plaque. Pets typically tend to be more accepting of their owner's fingers rather than a foreign object, like a traditional toothbrush. Finally, our 360 design makes it easy to reach all the areas of the teeth in just a few swipes.
We hope that's helpful. Happy brushing!
Is this good for big dogs, like a Bulldog?
I think any size dog can brush with This finger brush. My dog's teeth are small, I have to feel her teeth and brush them. I tried regular and different finger brushes but Barkley 360 is better than others.
Can it be used on cats?
Absolutely! Many cats prefer our finger brush over handle brushes because they are less imposing. Add a bit of toothpaste on the brush and casually let your cat gnaw on it, then swipe it around as they permit. The more you do it, the more receptive they become. Happy brushing!

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