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    Pet Shock Mat - 60”x12” Pet Training Mat for Cats & Dogs, 3 Training Modes Pet Shock Pad, Indoor Use Dogs & Cats Training Mat for Sofa w/LED Indicator

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    ScatMat for Cat Dog

    The bond between humans and dogs goes back thousands of years. But do we really know our best friends? Best Buddy is committed to studying pet behavioral psychology and exploring better communication methods between humans and pets. Our pet psychologists have created a variety of pet accessories by using our research and development advantages in the field of technology products. Best Buddy sets up a bridge between owners and their pets, bringing you and your dog closer.

    ScatMat for dog cat

    Best Buddy believes that the joy of living with pets comes from "respect", which means that pet owners should understand their pets while training them. With the integration of leading technology, Best Buddy training collar would be your best assistant to start a new communication chapter with your pets.

    ScatMat for dog cat

    THE Best Buddy Training Mat uses sensitive conduction technology that supports non-delayed and continuous detection of any pet entrance. Once any pet entrance is detected, the mat will immediately release the beep and static shock to prevent any further entering with no response delay. Also, the gentle static simulation was designed by using low voltage to avoid hurting your pet's delicate skin.

    Important information

    Safety Information

    1. This product is not suitable for aggressive pets. Please consult a professional veterinarian or pet trainer before using the product.

    2. It is prohibited to place any item on the pet training mat when it is working.

    3. Please read the instructions carefully before starting to use the product.

    4. Please make sure that the soles of your pet’s feet have been cleaned up, otherwise, it might affect the proper work of the product.

    5. This product is aimed at pet training purposes. Do not use this product to stop pets from doing something, do not use this product to protect valuables. In the first time using this product, please make sure that the owner is present and to see if there is any adverse reaction happen to the pet.


    Step1. Please make sure the power switcher is in [off] position.

    Step2. Remove the battery cover and insert one 9V battery [6LR61] into the controller. When the battery power is low, the device will shut off automatically.

    Step3. Fully expand the training mat on the place that needs to prevent the pet from approaching. The side with metal wire needs to be facing up, otherwise, the training mat will not work.

    Step4. Start to train your pet!

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