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    Automatic Pet Feeder 4/6L with Wi-Fi remote app

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     You look nervously at the clock - will I get home in time to feed my pet? You're out having fun or doing something important, but you're worried about racing home to ensure your pets get fed.

     You're at work, busy with a project when suddenly you realize - I forgot to feed my pet this morning! Going home isn't an option right now, but neither is letting them go hungry all day.

     You're tucked comfortably into bed, all of your nighttime routines finished, and just about to drift off to sleep when a thought occurs to you - whoops! I forgot to put dinner in my pet's bowl.

     Do any of these situations sound a little too familiar? Well, here's some great news: you don't need to disrupt your life or make your pet wait on their meals with the Smart Dog and Cat Feeder.Smart Dog and Cat Feeder

    App-Based Convenience

    This electric, automatic feeder dispenses dry kibble-style food on a schedule or on-demand through a paired smartphone app, letting you feed your dog or cat from across town, across the country, or even just from the comfort of your bedroom. It's a lifesaver for those situations where you're caught away from home or a bit forgetful with the morning or evening meal - your pet can still chow down exactly when they usually do!

    App-Based Convenience

    Precise Portion Control

    If your dog or cat is on a diet, the Smart Dog and Cat Feeder is an ideal tool, as it allows you to set exactly how much kibble to dispense. Set the feeder to dispense small amounts (“portions”) in groups of up to fifty to feed one pet or several on a schedule. Whether you feed your pet a large meal a few times a day or break it up into smaller measures throughout the day for digestion, this feeder is the perfect pet food companion, as it eliminates waste and encourages healthy, consistent eating habits.

    Low Food Alarm

    There is a built-in speaker allowing you to record a voice message that could be played at each mealtime to call your pet. There is also a built-in sensor to detect remaining food storage, low food will send a notification to App automatically.

    Low Food Alarm

    Easy to Clean

    The Smart Dog and Cat Feeder disassemble into three parts - the base (which shouldn't be submerged or wet) and two washable components, the feed container, and tray, for fast, easy cleaning. No worries about “dog food dust” or residue clogging up the works, either: an automatic feed-reversal kicks in if the machine notes a clog or jam in the dry food dispensing mechanism.

    Easy to Clean

    Battery Backup

    If the plug is pulled out of the wall or a blackout occurs and leaves your home without power, this handy Smart Dog and Cat Feeder keeps dispensing, thanks to a compartment for battery backup (D-cell size, sold separately). This feature is extremely convenient if a power outage occurs at home while you're stuck in the office - it gives you the ultimate peace of mind that your pet is happily fed.

    Battery Backup

    Compact Size

    At 7.67” deep, 14.05” wide, and 14.25” tall, this Smart Dog and Cat Feeder fits virtually anywhere in the home, unlike bulky, messy food bowls, raised bowl tables, and mats. Simply tuck it in a corner, set your desired timing and dispensing amount through the smartphone app, and you're done!

    Specification Table

    • Hopper capacity: 6 L
    • Food type: Dry food
    • Voice message limit: 10s
    • Auto feeding meals: 15
    • Feeding portions per meal: 1-50 servings per meal, 4-7 grams per serving
    • Feeing type: Manual or Auto
    • App: iOS and Android
    • Net Weight: 1800g
    • Certification: CE; FCC; RoHS

    Specification Table

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