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50 Inch Electric Pet Dog Grooming Tub with High Pressure Sprayer Stainless Steel Bath Tub

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Key Features

Electric Height Lift

This dog bathing tub is equipped with an electric motor for steady height adjustment (range:53-73"). Just step the "up" & "down" pedals at the bottom, it will auto stop at any height you want.

50" Stainless Steel Tub

This grooming tub is 50" with ample space, 220LB load capacity, effortlessly to hold 2 medium-sized dogs. Have 2 tube connectors & 2 tubes to connect inlet hot & cold water.

Sprayer & Shampoo Rack

The grooming tub for dogs includes stainless steel shampoo rack, high-pressure sprayer. Freely adjust hot & cold water outlet with tap and water spraying volume.

    Anti-Slide Plate & Door

    Keep pet from slipping during bubble bath with the anti-skid plate. Two handles at 2 sides, easily removed for cleaning. This pet bathing tub also has a moveable left door for convenient pet in/out.

    Drain Strainer & Pipe

    The drain system comes with a drain strainer for preventing dog hair from blocking. S-shaped PVC pipe can keep any unpleasant smell from coming up from the pipe.

    Dog Leashes & Play Ball

    Two fixing ropes are for tying dogs at bathing in the dog bathtub and keep them from running. The red play ball is coming as a gift for keeping pets occupied and make bathing more pleasant.

      50" Pet Grooming Tub

      This product is to handle the bath work of your furry friends. It is constructed with 304 stainless steel, anti-rust while heavy duty. Quite suitable for all-sized pets to use. Include shampoo rack, dog rope, play ball, sprayer, tape, and drain system. It is electronically height adjustable. Buy it, and give a pet comfortable showering.

      Note: Shipping Details: This product is very heavy and cannot be shipped through FedEx or UPS. It will ship by a truck company, so the delivery usually takes 2-3 weeks. We will also need your correct phone number and physical address to schedule the delivery.

      • Superb Material Adopted
      • Height Adjustable Tub
      • Convenient Bathing Devices
      • Door & Drainage Design

      Features & Details

      • 【SUPERB MATERIAL】- Made of 304 stainless steel, this dog grooming tub is corrosion-resistant and wipe-clean. It can accommodate all-sized dogs(max.220LB).
      • 【HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE TUB】- Convenient 50" dog washing station, electrically adjust tub height. Step the 2-foot controller to change it "up" or "down", suit your stature and for easier pet bathing.
      • 【CONVENIENT BATHING DEVICES】- For more comfortable pet bathing, this dog wash tub is equipped with a shampoo rack, playing ball, water tape(adjust water temperature), high-pressure sprayer(adjustable water outlet volume), and anti-slide plate. Keep pet happy and safe on bubble showering.
      • 【DOOR & DRAINAGE DESIGN】- For big-sized dogs, we design a lockable door for easier in/out. No water leakage with a rubber layer. The drain system consists of durable PVC pipes and strainers, quickly drain water while preventing pet hair blocks the pipe.
      • 【VERSATILE APPLICATION】- As a dog grooming bathtub, it is perfect for home, pet hospital, pet beauty salon to use. Make dogs, cats, and other pets really enjoy a cozy shower or bath.


      • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
      • Load Capacity: 220LB
      • Height Adjustable: 53-73"
      • Product Size: 49x26x53-73"
      • 1 x 50" Pet Bath Tub
      • 1 x High-Pressure Sprayer
      • 1 x Shampoo Rack
      • 1 x Hot and Cold Water Tap
      • 1 x Anti-Slide Plate
      • 1 x Dog Rope
      • 1 x Red Play Ball
      • 1 x Water Drain Pipe Kit
      • 2 x Hot & Cold Water Hose

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